Sanna Eskola is a Finnish contemporary jeweller who studied alongside other Cont/nued. Collective members at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

Sanna creates dynamic wearables imbued with certain flowing quality, a subtle linear movement. The influence of minimalist Scandinavian design underpins her aesthetic.

As a designer/ maker she collects inspiration from everywhere around her and is especially interested in the lines and constructions found everywhere around. Contrasts and often-unnoticed details capture and intrigue Sanna, providing a break in the symmetry and bringing a sharp focus to the harmony.

Currently Sanna is working on 'Attachments', a Cont/nued. Collective brief set by Amy. For her pieces, Sanna has been particularly inspired by personal attachments to other people and attachments she has to specific materials and methods of making.