Escapism Sea Rope *1 Necklace


Hazel Clarrie Baker


Being a jeweller is about self expression.

I can become very consumed in my own little world that it can become a bit repetitive. Jewellery is one of the ways in which I can escape.

The chains symbolise the repetition. Within each piece there are differences - a break in the cycle. The addition of other materials and elements represent different events and occurrences in my current life.

Copper will always be my favourite metal - using it makes me happy.
The beach rope represents my current home. The soft cotton yarn represents my bed and the need for comfort and sleep.
The wooden elements represent my partner who brought me to the coast again.
The waxed thread is nostalgic."

Escapism Sea Rope *1 Necklace

  • copper, cotton yarn, beach rope, thread and beeswax

    Aprox length 47cm


    International Delivery £10