Harriet Rose Knight describes herself as having “the rough hands of a maker and the imaginative mind of an artist”, combining her quiet aesthetic with the raw conceptual roots which drive her designs.

Since June 2014 Harriet has been showcasing her graduate collection, ‘A Portrayal of Composure’, throughout the UK at a number of exhibitions, with highlights being New Designers, Dazzle@Oxo as well as being invited to join the Designer Jewellers Group at the Barbican.

The collection, ‘A Portrayal of Composure’ captures the silent concealment of her own anxiety, combining a quiet controlled oval exterior, with layers of intricate restrictive grid work.  It visually describes the escalation and constrained, trapped feeling of fear, emulated through layering and precision cut caged designs. This raw emotion however is disguised through gentle curves, accurate intricacy and a muted colour palette forming a quiet, calm and reflective aesthetic deceiving the viewer.  Within each piece, differing stages of portrayal are depicted through the breakdown of grid work.

Currently Harriet is focusing on creating a new range inspired by visual and material qualities within her graduate collection. Combining simple elegant forms with layering of beautiful materials such as walnut, mahogany and silver. Harriet uses wood not only for their natural warmth and colour, but for their lightness, which allows the exploration of scale.